Our aim is not just to build houses, but to build sustainable communities. The foundation of our approach is to build safe and active communities while being a responsible and profitable business. In its simplest form, sustainability to us means a better future for everyone. Our sustainability approach shapes our strategy, leads innovation, and drives value creation. We believe this shall attract investments, increase profitability and bring prosperity to the wider community.

Reporting on our social and environmental performance has also become an integral part of our regular corporate disclosure and reporting practice, and we continue to align our practices with the United Nations Global Compact and its principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Environmentally Conscious

From design to execution, we master plan our developments with sustainability in mind. From solar powered homes at our developments to environmentally friendly transport systems, we work to set an example for others in the field when it comes to promoting and applying green concepts and resource management throughout our developments. Additionally, we dedicate significant resources to ensuring our day-to-day operations are sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to have our head office 95% powered by clean energy generated by our solar powered parking sheds.

Community Development

SODIC believes in its corporate citizenship and the importance and impact of its social responsibilities. Our philosophy is rooted in achieving scalable social impact and financial sustainability. We are committed to achieving social impact across three focus areas: education, rehabilitation and equal opportunity. Furthermore, we also host a Relief Program which channels in-kind donations to those most in need and engages our employees, allowing them to also contribute to giving back to our wider communities.